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Lasers for many oncological indications

Modulight's proven platform ML7710 is the most versatile and proven platform in the industry, used for many different cancer therapies. We are helping our customers in all phases from pre-clinical and clinical trials to approved PMAs.

In-vitro research

Controlled and repeatable lighting is essential for in-vitro and in-vivo studies of photoreactive components. Modulight’s in-vitro and in-vivo product family supports all existing photosensitizers.

Ophthalmic lasers

Lasers are used in ophthalmology for many indications, such as treating ocular tumors, glaucoma, and intraretinal vascular abnormalities.

Semiconductor laser expertise

Our 200+ years of engineering experience in designing & manufacturing diode lasers has made us a long-term strategic partner for many companies for the laser chip needs.

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We are the laser expert in your team

We’re helping people with their novel ideas. We have experience in productization, manufacturing subassemblies in regular production, as well as working to support end-of-life as equally important phase in the life cycle of a medical product.

“We’re developing a light-activated drug for ocular melanoma. In our criteria to find a right laser partner, quality was the first thing. We couldn’t find anyone that is so dedicated, so focused, and so well-trained to develop lasers as the team of Modulight.”

Elisabet de los Pinos, Founder & CEO at Aura Biosciences

“We’ve been using the Modulight automated illumination system for in-vitro photodynamic assays on cancer cells. We really like the ability to maintain our cellular experiments at 37 degC and 5% CO2 throughout the experiment. We are able to use multiple wavelengths for excitation within a single experiment, on a single plate, and also to tune the radiation fluence to whatever we want.”

Sherri McFarland, PhD, Professor at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

“The Modulight engineers have been very helpful in custom-designing an in-vitro illumination kit for our application. We can achieve very high laser intensities, which works very well for our purpose. We also have a medical laser for treatment of subcutaneous tumors in-vivo. We are very pleased with Modulight products, and very satisfied with their service!” “

Poul Martin Bendix, PhD, Associate Professor at Niels Bohr Institute

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