OEM laser solutions – laser chips, bars, pigtails and modules


Whether it’s due to high volume or very specific application requirements, it often makes sense to tailor a laser for your application. We have provided lasers to satellite’s in orbit as well as various diagnostics applications and practically everything in between. Applications we’ve covered include medical, industrial, display & projection, defense and many more.

Good basis for tailored laser can be a proven platform such as ML6400 for single-mode, ML6500 for multimode or ML6600 for multi-wavelength laser. While originally developed for medical these intelligent laser modules have found their way to numerous applications from scientific instrumentation and medical diagnostics to industrial processes.

Modulight has a team who have tailor made lasers for over 20 years, and produced over a million lasers. OEM products cover laser chips to unmounted & mounted laser bars, fiber pigtailed laser modules and USB port controllable easy-to-integrate light sources that are almost plug-and-play for many industrial and medical applications. It’s also noteworthy to remember that our factory resides in Finland and meets the most rigorous quality requirements we’ve seen.  Talk to our engineers for solution customized to your needs.


Compact OEM laser systems


Our laser modules are designed for easy system integration with standard USB interfaces, configurable wavelength and other optical parameters.

Fiber-coupled lasers


Modulight fiber-coupled lasers are used in diverse applications all the way to intra satellite communication systems.

Free-space lasers


Modulight manufactures laser chips, mounted & unmounted bars and other packaged dies at almost any optical parameters both single & multi-mode.

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