Workshop: Personalized medicine for better life

workshop personalized medicine Hotel Kämp

Time: Wed 15.6.2016, 8:30–11:00
Place:  Hotel Kämp, Helsinki
 Paavo Nurmi cabinet
 Pohjoisesplanadi 29, Helsinki, Finland


Confirmed speakers

 Prof. Eero Mervaala
Prof. Eero Mervaala: Optogenetics in cardiology and cardiotoxicity

Professor, Pharmacology, University of Helsinki
Professor Mervaala works in the field of cardiovascular and metabolic pharmacology in the Department of Pharmacology, University of Helsinki, Finland.

Prof. Teuvo TammelaProf. Teuvo Tammela: Prostate cancer therapy with laser as part of combinatory treatment

Professor in Urology, Tampere University
Dr. Teuvo Tammela is a specialist in urology and surgery. He is a meritorious scientist especially for his prostate cancer studies.


Lecture slideshows

Eero Mervaala: Optogenetics in cardiology and cardiotoxicity

Teuvo Tammela: Multiform treatment of prostate cancer 15-June-2016



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