Media Coverage

PR by AIXTRON, published in Bloomberg and Financial Times:
Modulight opts for Aixtron systems for tailor-made solutions / Laser specialist from Finland scales up production of epi wafers

whitepaper-pics-2011-CSDisplays will reignite the red laser market »

(Compound Semiconductor, Aug/Sep 2011)

whitepaper-pics-2006-busRe-qualifying delivered devices and inventory for a new product specifications, a case study »

(Global Conference on Emergent Business Phenomena in the Digital Economy 2006)

whitepaper-pics-2005-CSHolistic database for management of device, manufacturing and product data including cost, customer satisfaction and other operational metrics »

(Compound Semiconductor Manufacturing Expo, November 2005)

whitepaper-pics-2005-ICSSFiber pigtailed lasers for intra-satellite communication »

(International Communications Satellite Systems Conference 2005)

whitepaper-pics-2004-ELReliability analysis of AlGalnAs lasers at 1.3 µm »

(Electronics Letters, November 2004)

whitepaper-pics-2004-CSFabry-Pérot lasers promise low-cost 10Gb/s Ethernet »

(Compound Semiconductor, October 2004)

whitepaper-pics-2002-CSNew integrated manufacturing system boosts fab productivity »

(Compound Semiconductor, November 2002)