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Rising star in immunotherapy

San Jose, California & Tampere FINLAND, September 15, 2015 – Modulight, Inc., a leading biomedical laser manufacturer, announces today a rising star in immunotherapy competition. The objective is to help clinicians and biomedical researchers below 35 years old to get their hands on the best possible tools to support photo immunotherapy. All clinicians, residents and biomedical researchers worldwide are eligible to participate the contest by submitting their application via web (research plan, CV and publication list). Final selection of the winner will be done by an independent board of Continue reading →

Modulight awarded a $1.8M contract for high-power laser diodes

San Jose (CA), January 31st, 2006 Modulight Inc. announces that it has received a $1.8M contract from Technology Development Centre (Tekes) for the development of high-power laser diodes (HPLDs). This contract is a cornerstone for further development of Modulight’s HPLD product line. It will enable us to dedicate more resources for this product line without sacrificing the profitability. I believe that this contract will benefit also our other customers indirectly by increasing resources for design-for-manufacturability and product data management (PDM) activities. These are areas where Continue reading →