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Modulight news & articles

Flow cytometry

Introduction Flow cytometry is a widely used method in biomedical research and increasingly also in clinical diagnostics. It is a powerful and rapid technique to analyze physical and chemical properties of single cells or particles as they are suspended in liquid and pass in a narrow line across laser beams. Fluorescence together with scattered laser light is then filtered, detected, and analyzed on the other side of the sample. In addition to analysis, many flow cytometers can also sort and purify cell populations of interest Continue reading →

Modulight Spotlights: LASER-SHARP RESEARCH – February 2022

Modulight Spotlights: LASER-SHARP RESEARCH – February 2022 Photocure’s blue light cystoscopy is a routine procedure in the management of bladder cancer as it results in better tumor visualization and removal. However, this study found that the positive effects of blue light cystoscopy could extend beyond visualization and result in the induction of systemic antitumor immunity, which can be further boosted with immune checkpoint inhibitors. Modulight nominated this study because bladder cancer is highly recurring and progressive disease with more than 200,000 deaths worldwide annually. Thus, Continue reading →

Light-based enhancement of vaccination in humans

Customer case PCI Biotech is a biopharmaceutical company located in Norway. They are developing a novel light-based technology called photochemical internalization (PCI) that has potential to enhance delivery and efficacy of many types of therapies, including certain chemotherapies, peptide vaccines, and nucleic acid therapies. It can also decrease side effects due to improved spatiotemporal control of the treatment. The technology is currently in a pivotal clinical study for the treatment of inoperable bile duct cancer where PCI with gemcitabine is combined with standard gemcitabine/cisplatin chemotherapy. Continue reading →

Optimizing photosensitizer administration for cancer therapy

Customer case University of Rochester belongs among the nation’s top research universities. Research at the Baran lab focuses on anti-microbial PDT and optical image processing. The aim is to develop methods for utilizing quantitative information from CT, MR and PET imaging for PDT treatment planning as well as in the search of new biomarkers and therapeutic targets. Modulight products: ML7710 (630 & 665 nm) Link to the study: Timothy M. Baran (Ph.D., PI) Laser use: Ongoing clinical Phase 1 safety & feasibility study for methylene Continue reading →

Modulight Spotlights: LASER-SHARP RESEARCH – November 2021

Modulight Spotlights: LASER-SHARP RESEARCH – November 2021 Dr. Aaron Sorrin and researchers at the University of Maryland found a new potential combination therapy for ovarian cancer. This combination includes a novel light-based technology, called photodynamic priming, and a targeted therapeutic against a specific cancer cell receptor, effectively suppressing invasion of cancer cells. Modulight’s scientific board wanted to highlight this research especially because novel therapeutic solutions are urgently needed against this aggressive disease, which despite the best possible current therapies, recurs in most patients leading to Continue reading →

Optimized light delivery in pancreatic cancer

Customer case University of California at Irvine (UCI), founded in 1965, is a Top 10 public university in USA. It is recognized for cutting-edge and innovative scientific research. Modulight products: ML7710 (689 nm) Laser use: Targeted phototherapy studies with photo-immunoconjugates Link to the study: Nzola De Magalhães, Adjunct Assistant Professor   Motivation for the study Efficient light delivery to the whole tumor is one of the main aspects of phototherapy. The efficacy of phototherapy has been demonstrated for several cancers via superficial illumination. Interstitial illumination could Continue reading →

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    16 Sep 2015 Rising star in immunotherapy competition »

    28 Jan 2015 Modulight launches the world’s first multi indication CE and ETL certified medical laser »

    09 Sep 2014 Modulight ML7710-PDT laser platform CB testing completed »

    30 Jan 2014 Modulight broadens their OEM laser system family to single-mode and multi-wavelength laser modules »

    14 Nov 2013Modulight launches a product family for photodynamic therapy »

    29 Aug 2013Modulight launches a turnkey OEM laser system platform to photodynamic therapy »

    20 Jun 2013Kalle Palomaki nominated to Modulight Board »

    28 Jan 2013Modulight launches new 1W RGB LimeLight laser modules with the smallest form factor in the industry »

    01 Nov 2012Medical Design Briefs: Therapeutic Laser Systems Improve Quality of Life and Save in Healthcare »

    17 Apr2012Modulight receives a contract for manufacturing CE certified medical laser systems for cancer therapy »

    15 Nov 2011Modulight expands LimeLight product family with blue wavelength »

    06 Oct 2011Modulight receives ISO 13485:2003 certification for medical laser manufacturing »

    19 May 2011Modulight releases multi-chip red laser modules for industrial, display and medical applications »

    20 Jan 2011LimeLight laser systems on display in Photonics West at booth #4635 »

    13 Jan 2011Modulight adds features and scales up power from FiberLight product platform »

    11 Nov 2010Modulight releases OEM laser systems for medical and industrial applications »

    16 Sep 2010Modulight releases high-power single-mode lasers at 1310-1650nm for OTDR »

    25 Aug 2010Modulight celebrates 10 years anniversary with 35% growth in business »

    26 May 2010Modulight welcomes summer by releasing a series of colourful and powerful mounted single-emitters »

    30 Apr 2010Modulight appoints new partners in Italy and Singapore »


    10 Dec 2009Modulight turning Christmas all red, by adding new red lasers to ChiliLase product »

    21 Oct 2009Modulight lasers launched to space on ESA’s SMOS satellite mission »

    06 Oct 2009Modulight appoints distribution partner in the United Kingdon and Republic of Ireland »

    20 May 2009Modulight establishes distribution partner in China and wins new contract for laser display application »

    14 May 2009Modulight celebrates spring by releasing a series of colourful Butterfly lasers »

    02 Apr 2009Modulight announces 7 Watt 635nm Conduction Cooled Diode Laser; Applications include Laser Display, Medical, and Illumination »

    26 Jan 2009Modulight “FiberLight”, the platform for fiber-coupled high-power lasers from 635 nm to 1550 nm »

    14 Nov 2008Modulight introduces “SparkLight”, the turnkey platform for high-power lasers »

    06 Nov 2008Modulight scales up power to 20 W at 1470 nm »

    11 Sep 2008Modulight receives 2008 Frost & Sullivan Award for North American Laser Diode Emerging Company of the Year »

    04 Sep 2008A new generation of high-power collimated laser modules shines from Modulight »

    28 Aug 2008Modulight introduces 1470 nm high-power lasers »

    19 Jun 2008Modulight introduces 830 nm high-power lasers »

    29 May 2008Modulight to continue supply agreement with Vaisala for meteorological applications »

    08 May 2008Modulight to develop high-brightness pump laser technology for European Space Agency »

    06 Mar 2008Modulight’s RangerLase provides up to 20 W laser power at 1550 nm »

    01 Feb 2008ROAD MONITORING: Laser systems monitoring slipperiness of roadways (Laser Focus World, February 2008) »

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