ML7710 – Turnkey oncology laser system for photodynamic therapy

ML7710-PDT is the most versatile oncology laser system for photodynamic therapy (PDT), equipped with all the required functionalities for safety and usability. All photosensitisers are supported making ML7710 a safe investment. Standard features include: touch-screen user interface, multiple individually addressable fiber output channels, aiming beam, smart internal calibration module, foot/hand switch, fiber sensors and safety interlocks.

Optional services include: customized treatment flow, individual industrial design, annual calibration and field service, and extended warranty.

The design and manufacturing processes are done according to ISO 13485:2003 and the design complies with IEC 60601 and FDA CDRH 21CFR1040.10 requirements and regulations. Certified to work with all configurations across 400 – 2000nm and 0-35W with up to 8 channels.

ETL-mark-modulight CE-mark-modulight

Benefits for you

  • The PDT laser at your wavelength and power
  • Proven efficacy by design and testing
  • Proven usability and safety experience
  • Language localization possible (Arabics, Finnish, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish ask for more)
  • ISO13485 certified laser design and manufacturing
  • All the required safety features
  • CE medical (Basal cell carcinoma, Non-small cell lung cancer, Head and neck cancer, High grade dysplasia in Barrett’s esophagus) & ETL certified
  • High throughput laser production
  • Full product lifecycle support
  • True OEM manufacturing

Technical info

  • Supports all PDT substances / molecules including: Photofrin, Metvix, Levulan, Fluence, Amphinex, Methylene blue, Tookad, Foscan, PIT,  Fotolon and many others (wavelengths 400 – 2000 nm supported – all are trademarks of respective owners)
  • Example wavelength options include: 630 nm, 635 nm, 652 nm, 660–690 nm, 753 nm. Many wavelengths in same system can be supported.
  • Optical output powers: 2–8 W ex-fiber
  • Easy touch-screen user interface
  • Multiple individually addressable channels
  • Foot/hand switch
  • Fiber sensors
  • Safety interlocks
  • The design and manufacturing processes are done according to ISO 13485:2003

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