ML6700 – Laser modules for photodynamic therapy (PDT)

ML6700-PDT is an OEM laser system platform tailored for photodynamic therapy (PDT) application and supports all common photosensitizer wavelengths. The system is designed for easy laboratory use or integration into an existing system platform.

Standard products come with fiber pigtail with SMA-905 connector, integrated driver, and cooling controller. The systems can be controlled through a USB port with a PC user interface (to be ordered separately) or by an analog/digital control signal directly.

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Your benefits

  • The PDT laser at your wavelength and power
  • Proven efficacy by design and testing
  • Easy and safe laser operation
  • All the required safety features
  • Simple PC user interface or analog/digital control via USB
  • Accessories: power supply, control cable, PC user interface, illumination kit for R&D
  • ISO13485 certified laser design and manufacturing

Technical info

  • pigtailed or receptacle output with SMA-905 connector
  • integrated control, cooling and driver
  • supports analog and digital control
  • robust push-pull control connector
  • easy attachment to cooling module
  • simple on/off switch
  • DC power input
  • anodized aluminum case
  • options: PC user interface, aiming beam, fiber interlock

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