Powerful multi-wavelength laser module ML6600

ML6600 is a multi-channel laser module with a simple standard interface. ML6600 module can be ordered with 3 different wavelengths, conveniently within the same package, with combined fiber or individual fibers output.

Alternatively, ML6600 can be used for power scaling, bringing 3 W output power from a single fiber in one wavelength (465, 532 or 635 nm). Talk to our engineers for solution customized to your needs.

Key features

ML6600 laser system has pigtailed or receptacle laser output with 100-200 µm fiber. The control, cooling and driver are integrated, and the control supports both analog and digital modes.

• Wavelengths: 405–2000 nm
• Power range: 1–3 W

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Modulight’s OEM laser systems are a perfect solution for integrating a laser into your system platform or application. Simple standard interfaces ensure low integration cost and easy use.


• display & projection • therapy • diagnostics •
• fluorescence • dentistry • scanning •
• optical pumping • illumination •
• measurement & analysis •

Technical info

  • laser light output from a combined fiber, or one fiber per each channel
  • pigtailed or receptacle output with SMA-905 connector
  • integrated control, cooling and driver
  • supports analog and digital control
  • robust push-pull control connector
  • easy attachment to cooling module
  • key switch
  • DC power input
  • anodized aluminum case
  • options: PC user interface, aiming beam, fiber interlock

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