Powerful multi-wavelength laser module ML6600

ML6600 laser with two outputs

ML6600 is a laser system which supports up to 3 built-in lasers. ML6600 is controlled by a PC software or directly by analog/digital signals.

ML6600 products are available in Modulight’s unique wavelength range from 400 to 2000 nm. Talk to our engineers for finding a solution tailored for your needs.

Key features

ML6600 laser system has 1-3 receptacle laser outputs. The control, cooling and driver are integrated, and the control supports both analog and digital modes.

• Wavelengths: 400–2000 nm
• Power range: up to 120 W, depending on the wavelength

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Modulight’s OEM laser systems are a perfect solution for integrating a laser into your system platform or application. Simple standard interfaces ensure low integration cost and easy use.


• illumination • photodynamic therapy • pharmaceutical research • diagnostics • fluorescence microscopy • dentistry • optical pumping • display & projection • measurement & analysis •

Technical info

  • laser light output from a combined fiber, or one fiber per each channel
  • pigtailed or receptacle output with SMA-905 connector
  • integrated control, cooling and driver
  • supports analog and digital control
  • robust push-pull control connector
  • easy attachment to cooling module
  • key switch
  • DC power input
  • anodized aluminum case
  • options: PC user interface, aiming beam, fiber interlock

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