Graphical guidelines

Modulight logo

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Orange logo is great for darker backgrounds. The version with our twitter handle, @modulight, is especially meant for social media uses.

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The blue & orange color logo with our slogan is best for most uses. If the available space is not very large, it might be better to use the version without slogan.

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When printing or displaying Modulight logo on a dark background, please use the white & orange logo with slogan, or if the space is limited, without slogan.
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For black & white media please use our B&W logo. When the space or resolution are limited, the version without the slogan might work better.

Modulight colors

Primary colors: Blue & orange

Dark blue | CMYK: 95c 80m 0y 65k | RGB: 4r 18g 89b | #041259
Orange | CMYK: 0c 55m 100y 0k | RGB: 255r 115g 0b | #ff7300

Highlighting colors:


Green | CMYK: 40c 0m 90y 15k | RGB: 130r 217g 22b | #82d916
Light blue | CMYK: 60c 20m 5y 0k | RGB: 102r 204g 242b | #66ccf2
Medium blue | CMYK: 90c 60m 0y 15k | RGB: 22r 87g 217b | #1657d9
Pink | CMYK: 0c 85m 5y 5k | RGB: 226r 72g 140b | #e2488c

Modulight company pictures

Modulight building at summer

Modulight building at winter

Modulight in-house production hall

Modulight YouTube channel

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