Illumination kit for in vitro PDT research

Modulight’s illumination kit is a scalable platform for parallel illumination of photosensitive samples in R&D and drug screening.

Combined with Modulight PDT laser family, this kit is the most versatile R&D kit in the market supporting all major PDT wavelengths and required power levels for even simultaneous multi-wavelength operation.

Your benefits

  • separate sample stations are available for rectangular 85×125 mm multi-sample microplates and up to 95 mm diameter round petri dishes
  • easy assembly with the illumination source with an SMA connector
  • easy-to-use multi-channel and multi-wavelength graphical user interface

Technical info

  • PC UI with Modulight ML6500, ModulightML6600 laser modules
  • integrated GUI with automated dose calibration with ML7710
  • support for dose calculation based on illuminated sample area (discrete or custom sizes)

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