Let’s Help Tampere Children’s Hospital Together

The premises of Tampere Children’s Hospital are quite tightly packed and old-fashioned, which makes it virtually impossible for the parents to stay by their children during the nights. The children are homesick and missing their parents, and the parents at home are missing their children.

As a part of Tampere University Hospital renewal programme a new children’s clinic will be constructed. This new clinic will greatly improve the quality of the life of the little patients and their parents. Let us help them together!

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Or you can donate by SMS (from Finnish mobile phones):

  • Text 10 PIKKUPOTILAS to number 16588 to donate 10 €
  • Text 20 PIKKUPOTILAS to number 16588 to donate 20 €

Or click here for more ways to donating money.

Donations so far

Modulight: 20 000 €

Tampere Children’s clinic’s and Modulight’s staff together at the current clinic premises