Laser applications

From surgery to non-invasive therapeutic procedures, lasers are increasingly deployed in medicine. Semiconductor lasers are wavelength versatile…
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Laser technology is widely used in perimeter security, range finding, target designation, monitoring of hazardous gases and illumination…
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High power diode lasers are at the heart of almost all solid-state and fiber laser systems deployed in materials processing. For other industrial applications…
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Solid-state visible lasers are fueling the revolution in display and projection technology by offering an unbeatable color and brightness experience…
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Lasers are increasingly used in medicine for both improving existing treatment methods as well as enabling solution for previous unresolvable/treatable problems.


Defense and security solutions use lasers often to provide more accurate information for individual unit or theater command. Modulight is world leader in range finding lasers that enable real-time distance measurement, target illumination & even 3D topgraphic map.

Road weather monitor

A global leader in environmental monitoring wanted to develop a road weather system that would provide real-time conditions for traffic optimization & driver warning purposes.

Modulight developed in a few months a specific laser for real-time on road ice detection.

After many many years the laser is still in production.

Laser cinema

Laser cinema is expected to be the next big thing at the big screen after 3D-cinema. Lasers are seen as only option to solve the somewhat dim 3D experience but also much more vivid, colorful experience as laser based solution is not limited to a fraction of the real color space like currently used halogen lamps.

Modulight has provided lasers for many of the leading cinema projector companies.