Lasers for defense & security applications

Lasers and laser technologies are widely used in defense and security fields. Applications include perimeter security, range-finding, target illumination, monitoring of hazardous gases, and illumination. Having to pass the critical qualification criteria required for deployment in defense applications has helped make diode laser technology one of the most reliable photonics technologies available today.

lighting up your perimeter 

A rangefinder is a device that measures the distance from the observer to a target for the purposes of surveying, auto-focusing or accurately aiming a weapon. Whether you are pointing at a specific location or adjusting your line-of-sight, lasers can help accurately assess the situation. Designed for continuous-wave operation and boasting impressive life spans, the compact and low power consumption diode lasers can really make a difference in this application area. In 2014 alone Modulight delivered 400,000+ lasers  to the leading range-finding laser companies. We believe this to continue to increase as automotive industry starts to adopt our lasers this year. We believe both Japanese and European automotive companies are going to use Modulight processed lasers in their next generation collision avoidance systems.

Illumination is a critical part of battlefield conditions. Shadows offer good places to hide, while bright areas are more exposed. It is often beneficial to fight with the sun or other light source behind one’s back giving the enemy a disturbing visual glare and partially hiding one’s own movements in backlight. If natural light is not present, searchlights and flares usually at near IR wavelengths, can be used both, directly and from the air. However, the use of an illuminator may also disclose one’s own hidden position, so the use of eye-safe illuminators, not visible with conventional imaging technologies, may be desired. In fact it’s quite interesting that the eye-safe laser technology Modulight developed during the last decade was eventually adopted only in the military use while all commercial sports and recreational ranges-finders by any company today still seem to use the older near-IR technology.

Looking to secure a perimeter? Fiber optics is the ideal way to do that. Impervious to lightning, water, frost, dust, or sunlight, optical fiber provides a higher level of security while reducing personnel costs. Modulight lasers have been widely used in securing US bases in Middle-East and Africa.

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Modulight solutions for security & defense applications


Laser range-finding and scanning

Wavelength: 850–1550 nm
Power: up to 30 W

Pointing and illumination

Wavelength: 635 nm, 690 nm, 830 nm, 1550 nm
Power: 50 mW – 35 W

Perimeter security

Wavelength: 1310–1550 nm

Power: 3–100 mW

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