Lasers for industrial & environmental applications

Lasers are already essential tool for monitoring and materials processing in many industrial and environmental processes. Key drivers for this development have been high efficiency and brightness compared to conventional light sources, possibility for remote non-contact materials processing and monitoring, and shorter cycle times through fast processing. We are using daily laser processed products without perhaps recognizing this; most of the cars, cell phones and also many food products are nowadays laser processed or controlled.

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Since their discovery, lasers have offered revolutionary solutions to environmental monitoring. Some examples among the possible atmospheric deployment of lasers include: profiling of density, humidity and temperature of air; observation of stratospheric aerosols; monitoring of pollutants or detecting hazardous and greenhouse gases. Compact gas detection instruments are increasingly needed for industrial health and safety, environmental monitoring and process control.

High-power pump diode lasers are at the heart of almost all solid-state and fiber laser systems deployed in materials processing. In many industrial applications such as printing, scanning, and marking or plastic welding, high-power diode laser solutions are also becoming more competitive for direct use due to their compactness and cost efficiency.

Lasers have been widely deployed in test and measurement applications in a number of industries. Applications range from detection of defects or non-uniformities in paper, steel, or food industries to conditioning fiber optic networks in optical communications by optical time domain reflectometry (OTDR).

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Modulight solutions for industrial & environmental applications


Environmental monitoring, gas sensing

Wavelength: 830 nm, 905 nm, 1300–1650 nm
Power: 0.2–50 W

Materials processing

Wavelength: 790–850 nm, 940–980 nm, 1300–1650 nm
Power: up to 50 W (CW) and 250 W (QCW)

Test & measurement

Wavelength: 790–850 nm and 1300-1650 nm
Power: 10-300 mW

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