Lasers for display & projection applications

Solid-state visible lasers are fueling the revolution in display and projection technology by offering an unbeatable color and brightness experience. By optimally selecting blue, green and red lasers, one can create a display with unbeatable natural color space by any other technology. Laser light sources also offer 3-5 times better power efficiency, higher brightness and over tenfold increase in lifetime supporting sustainable development. Having very bright and directional light beam, lasers are ideal solution for large scale projection applications.

 lasers & optics for better life 

A large transformation in changing the cinemas to digital and eventually 3D is currently taking place. The key driver for upgrading the screens to digital cinema has been eliminating the cost of film printing and distribution. The next revolution following the success of 3D deployment is expected to be the replacement of conventional lamp projector technology with high-efficiency, long lifetime and color rich laser projectors. Lasers are also being deployed in compact front projectors for business and home use supporting low energy consumption and longer, service-free operation.

Laser projectors composed of visible lasers are used also for flight simulators, planetariums, as well as in virtual reality applications and laser shows. Due to the special features of laser projectors it is possible to project images or data on any kind of projection surface. Typically, sharpness, color space and contrast are higher than that of other projection technologies. High-efficiency visible lasers are also becoming the technology of choice for many backlit display applications, including flat panel displays and TVs. In many cases the ultimate drivers are unbeatable brightness and lower power consumption than any other lighting solution. Modulight has designed and manufactured number of rack-mounted,  light engines for leading projector manufacturers in North America.

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Modulight solutions for display & projection applications

Laser cinema & projectors

Wavelength: 465 nm, 635 nm
Power: 3–100 W

Laser shows & simulators

Wavelength: 465 nm, 635 nm
Power: 1–50 W

Display backlighting

Wavelength: 465 nm, 635 nm
Power: 200 mW – 12 W

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